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Alexandra's Avenue (Greek: Λεωφόρος Αλεξάνδρας, Leoforos Alexandras) is a main east-west thoroughfare linking Patision Street and Kifissias Avenue as well as Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and Mesogeion Avenue via Pheidippidou Street, in the northern part of the city of Athens, Greece.

It was originally named after Princess Alexandra who was the daughter of King George I of Greece. The avenue has two regular traffic lanes plus one dedicated bus lane per direction. Its total length is approximately 3 km.

Intersections and famous landmarks

Major streets that junctions with this avenue includes Mavrommateon, Spyridonos Trikoupi, Valtinon, Voulgaroktonou, Charilaou Trikoupi, Ippokratous, Gyzi, Koniari, Panormou and D. Soutsou Streets. The avenue features Egyptos Square, the forested Argentinis Dimokratias Square (meaning Argentine Republic) near the Argentine embassy. The Panathinaikos FC home ground, named Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, lies to the south side near Panormou Street, opposite the St. Savvas Cancer Hospital. The Pedion Areos lies north in the west end of the avenue. Near Panormou street lies the Ambelokipi metro line 3 station. Formerly, the Averoff Prisons were also situated on the avenue, near the football stadium

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