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Alexander Schinas (Αλέξανδρος Σχινάς) was the enigmatic figure who assassinated King George I of Greece on March 18, 1913 (March 5 OS), in Thessaloniki.

Schinas was a Greek, born in Serres (or possibly Volos) in 1870. He is known to have worked in a hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City at one time.

He shot the King just once, from behind, as the King strolled the newly-liberated city. Schinas was apprehended, on the spot, by the King's lone bodyguard, Major Frangoudis. He was interrogated at length but revealed nothing. A few days later, on May 6, at an opportune moment, he jumped out of an open window killing himself.

Since nothing could be proved, many theories have arisen as to the motives of the assassin. Some theorise he was a Bulgarian or possible a German agent, others that he was an anarchist, others that he was simply deranged.