Alfredo Glasman

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Alfredo Glasman is an Argentinian former football midfielder with an illustrious career in Greece in the 1970s.

Glasman was born in Argentina on January 7, 1949. He played in Argentina and Venezuela before he was brought to Greece, along with Eduardo Rigani, Oscar Alvarez, Jose Pasternak, Eduardo Lisa and Juan Montez, to play for PAS Giannina.

Glasman became an important member of the Giannina team that came to be know as the "Ajax of Epirus", playing on the left side of the midfield.

Over all, he scored 75 goals for PAS, third on their all-times list. After PAS, he joined Telycrates Lefkada as a player-coach.

Glasman - also known as Alfredos Glasmanis - settled permanently in Greece marrying a Greek woman. The couple have two children.