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The Internationalist Workers' Left (Greek: Διεθνιστική Εργατική Αριστερά, Diethnistiki Ergatiki Aristera, abbreviated ΔΕΑ or DEA) is a political organization in Greece, founded in 2001 as a split from the Socialist Workers' Party, the Greek section of the International Socialist Tendency. It is particularly active in the Greek Social Forum and maintains a close connection with the International Socialist Organization in the United States.

DEA participated in the legislative elections of 2004 with Coalition of the Radical Left in cooperation with Coalition of Left (SYN) and other Greek left parties. DEA didn't participate in the Euroelections.

DEA came into a crisis little before the 2004 euroelections where 2 different groups split from the party. The one formed the political group Kokkino (Red) and the other, named Internationalist Socialist Intervention (DSP), joined Organization of Communist Internationalists of Greece-Spartacus (OKDE-Spartakos), the Greek Section of the Reunified Fourth International).

DEA publishes Ergatiki Aristera (Worker's Left) biweekly.

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