January 14

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Passenger train derails in 2004
  • 1822: Kamil Bey surrenders Acrocorinth to Theodoros Kolokotronis and the Greek revolutionaries.
  • 1943: Major Ioannis Tsigantes, leader of the resistance movement Midas 614, is slain during a battle with Italian carabinieri.
  • 1959: Omada, the weekly small size sports newspaper, is first published by Lambrakis Press S.A. Its circulation will stop in October 1974, it will begin on 1 November 1980 in a magazine format but it will stop again. Finally, on 6 November 1995 it will circulate again as a slip in the newspaper Ta Nea
  • 2004: A passenger train travelling from Tripolis to Kalamata derailed in the region of Anemodouri in Megalopolis, Arkadia. All 13 passengers were in a good state of health. The derailing was most likely caused by the aging of the line, as according to OSE, the train speed did not exceed 28 kph.