January 8

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  • 1854: While the Crimean War is going on, Greeks in Epirus revolt against Turkish rule.
  • 1950: 40-year old former Olympiakos forward, Christoforos Rangos, inserts himself in the lineup of AO Zografos - the team he is coaching - when one of his players does not show up. He dies in the 28th minute of the match of a heart attack.
  • 1977: Greek police confiscate 11 tons of hashish in Corinthia. Composer Vasilis Tsitsanis creates a hit-song on the subject: "The boat from Persia".


  • 1989: Larissa midfielder Kostas Kolomitrousis is seriously injured by a violent tackle from Iraklis defender Giorgos Papadopoulos during Larissa's 3-1 victory over Iraklis. Papadopoulos will face a 16-match ban.
  • 1992: Nikos Galis is voted 6th best all-time European basketball player by readers of FIBA Basketball Magazine (Belov 317, Petrovic 280, Sabonis 277, Cocic 273, Kukoc 264, Galis 251, Corac 246 and Menegin 221). Giorgos Kolokithas ranks 46th (21 votes).