Joachim II of Constantinople

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Joachim II was Ecumenical Patriarch for two terms.

Joachim II was born Ioannis Kokkodis, in 1802, in the village of Kallimasia, Chios. He studied for the priesthood in Constantinople and, at age 25 was appointed Bishop of Driinoupolis in Epirus. In 1835, he was moved to the See of Ioannina and in 1845 to that of Cyzicus in Asia Minor.

Ioachim II was elected Patriarch of Constantinople on October 4, 1860. He ignored the ecclesiastical reforms of his day and was removed from office on July 9, 1863. He spent the next ten years of his life in Artaki, the seat of the Cyzicus bishopric until November 23, 1873 when he was recalled to the Ecumenical throne. He ruled until his death, on August 4, 1878.

Under Patriarch Joachim II, a religious school was founded in Phanari while several other institutions including the Patriarch's residence, the insane asylum and the Great School of the Nation were housed in better buildings. The Patriarch himself donated 200 sovereigns for the establishment of a school for girls which was in operation from 1882 until 1972.