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Kaftanzoglio (Καυτατζόγλειο) is a football stadium located in Thessaloniki. The stadium was built with money donated by the Kaftanzoglou Foundation, hence its name. The stadium, which has 28,028 seats today, was heavily renovated before reopening to host football matches for the 2004 Summer Olympics, which were centered in Athens, Greece.

For many decades it was the largest stadium in Greece holding up to 50.000 people. In 1972 the Greek record in attendance was set with 52.354 fans in the match Iraklis - Panathinaikos 2-1. In this stadium the great Vassilis Hatzipanagis - voted the best all-time Greek player - did his magic for more than 15 years. Kaftanzoglio has been the home of Iraklis FC since 1963.


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