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Roger Albertsen (March 15, 1957March 2, 2003) was a Norwegian football midfielder. At the age of 17 he travelled abroad, playing profesionally for Dutch team FC Den Haag. He later played for Feyenoord Rotterdam, KFC Winterslag and Olympiakos, before he returned to Norway in 1985, making his debut in the Norwegian Premier League for Rosenborg.

He was capped 25 times for Norway, having debuted in 1976. Many remember him from the famous match against England in 1981, where he was awarded the 1-1 goal, despite that television replays have later shown that Albertsen did in fact not touch the ball, and Tom Lund's cross went straight into the net.

Albertsen died from cancer in 2003.

His career in Greece

Year Club Games Goals
1982-83 Olympiakos 20 3
1983-84 Olympiakos 23 3
1984-85 Olympiakos 22 1

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