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Saint Nicolas

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The face of the historical saint
==The face of the historical saint==
Whereas the importance of relics and the business associated with pilgrims and patron saints caused the remains of most saints to be spread over several churches in several countries, Saint Nicholas is unique in that most of his bones have been preserved in one spot: his grave crypt in Bari. Although jealously guarded and kept from prying eyes of scientists, especially with the still continuing miracle of the [[Deeds and miracles attributed to Saint Nicholas|manna]]myrrh, the Roman Catholic Church allowed for one scientific survey of the bones: In the late [[1950s]], during a restoration of the chapel, it allowed a team of their own scientists to photograph and measure the contents of the crypt grave.
In the summer of 2005, the report of this measurements was sent to a forensic laboratory in England. The review of the data revealed that the historical Saint Nicholas was barely five foot in height (while not exactly small, still shorter than average, even for his time) and had a broken nose. This last may seem strange for a man of "saintly behavior", but would fit perfectly with Nicholas' sometimes violent nature as reported at the [[Bishop Nicholas at the First Ecumenical Council|First Ecumenical Council]]

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