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May 15

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*[[1893]]: [[Sotirios Sotiropoulos]] forms a government.*[[1919]]: The Greek Army enters lands in [[AyvaliSmyrna]], [[Asia Minor]].*[[1952]]: The School of Dentristry is established at the [[University of Athens]], despite the objections of the Medical School professors.*[[1957]]: [[Stadiou Street|Stadiou]] and Akadimias become one way streets in [[Athens]].*[[1985]]: Terrorist [[Christos Tsoutsouvis]] and three police officers die in a shooting exhange following a stolen motorcycle chase.
*[[1990]]: Bazookas are stolen from the Athens War Museum by the [[Revolutionary Organization 17 November]].
*[[1924]]: Under the initiative of [[Panathinaikos Sports Club|Panathinaikos’]] general manager, [[Giorgos Kalafatis]], the name of the club is changed from POA to PAO.
*[[1949]]: In their first official match, the [[National Basketball Team|Greek basketball team]] beats Holland with 46-28, in Cairo, during the 6th European Championship.
*[[1993]]: [[Aris BC|Aris Salonica]] sign Ricci Thews for only one game, the Greek Cup final against [[Panathinaikos BC|Panathinaikos]] (with [[Nikos Galis]] in their roster). Panathinaikos win by 96-89 in [[Athens]].
*[[2011]]: [[Olympiakos BC|Olympiakos]] defeat [[Panathinaikos BC|Panathinaikos]] 74-68 to win the [[Greek Basketball Cup]].
*[[1786]]: [[Dimitris Plapoutas]], revolutionary.
*[[1956]]: [[Andreas Loverdos]], politician.
*[[1986]]: [[Eleni Artymata]], [[Cypriot]] athlete ([[100m]], [[200m]])

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