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Phantis:Selected anniversaries/June 8

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'''[[June 8]]'''
*[[1057]]: Nobles in [[Constantinople]] revolted against [[Michael VI]] and proclaimed [[Isaac I Komnenos]] [[Byzantine emperor]].*[[1930]]: A Breguet Bre 19, appropriately adapted and named "Hellas", with pilot 1st lieutenant Evangelos Papadakis and observer Colonel Christos Adamides on board, took off from [[Tatoi]] and flew around the Mediterranean sea in 20 days covering a distance of 12,000 Km.*[[1933]]: [[Eleftherios Venizelos]] is interviewed by the police concerning the assassination attempt against his life. He accuses accused the government and especially Interior Minister, [[Ioannis Rallis]], as responsiblefor the assassination attempt against his life.*[[1952]]: 400 Greek troops depart departed for Korea.*Births: [[Maria Menounos]] [[1978]], [[Greek-American]] actress and TV presenter([[1978]])*Deaths: [[Markos Avgeris]] ([[1973]])<span style="font-size:11px98%; padding-top:3px; border-top:1px solid #dedede;">Recent days: [[June 7]] - [[June 6]]</span>

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