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[[Image:Psap-logo.jpg|frame|PSAP: founded 1976]]
PSAP (Panellinios Syndesmos Amivomenon Podosferiston; Πανελλήνιος Σύνδεσμος Αμειβομένων Ποδοσφαιριστών(Π.Σ.Α.Π.); Panhellenic Union of Professional Football Players) was founded January 20, 1976. [[Mimis Domazos]] was the first president (till December 10, 1978). [[Mimis Papaioannou]] succeeded him (till October 20, 1980). From that day on, Antonis Antoniadis took charge (except for a short spell when he was appointed general manager of [[Panathinaikos FC|Panathinaikos]] and was replaced by [[Yiannis Gounaris]])
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