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'''Tripolis''' also '''[[Tripoli]]''' ([[Greek language|Greek]], Modern: Τρίπολη, Ancient/[[Katharevousa]]: Τρίπολις) rarely '''Tripolitsa''', '''Tripolitza''' and '''Tripolizza''' is a city in the central part of the [[Peloponnesos]], [[Greece]], and the capital of the prefecture of [[Arcadia]] and the [[Mantineia province|province of Mantineia]] which is the most populated province in Arcadia. The municipality is the largest city in the prefecture as well and presently one of the only growing places in Arcadia. The distance from [[Pyrgos]] is about 145 km E, 125 km E of [[Olympia, Greece|Olympia]], 144 km SE of [[Patras]] and ESE of [[Kalavryta]], 78 km (old: 120 km) SW of [[Corinth]] and about 148 (old: 200 km) WSW of [[Athens]], W of [[Argos]] and [[Nafplio]], NW of [[Leonidiο]], N of [[Sparta]], NNE of [[Kalamata]], 33 km NE of [[Megalopolis]] and NE of [[Kyparissia]], E of [[Stemnitsa]] and ESE of [[Dimitsana]]. [[Tripoli]] is the seat of the recently founded [[University of Peloponnesos]][] with two departments of the Sciences and Technology School and one department of the Economics and Administration School.

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