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Nikos Anastopoulos added as (first ever) scorer (at a final tournament)
*[[January 3]]: The 5-day work week is established for the public sector in [[Greece]].*[[January 16]]: MAT (Greek Riot Squad) Deputy Director, Pantelis Petrou, is assassinated in [[Pangrati]] by the [[Revolutionary Organization 17 November]]. 
*[[February 3]]: [[Stelios Manolas]] debuts in the [[Alpha Ethniki]] in the match [[Kastoria FC|Kastoria]] - [[AEK FC|AEK]] 1-1. The AEK defender will end his career 18 years later.
*[[April 22]]: Soviet cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova, visits [[Athens]].
*[[May 5]]: [[Constantine Karamanlis]] is elected President of Greece.
*[[May 6]]: [[Nikos Galis]] makes his debut with the [[National Basketball Team|Greek National Basketball Team]] in a game against Sweden (71-79)
*[[May 8]]: [[George Rallis]] is elected [[New Democracy]] party leader and Prime Minister, replacing [[Constantine Karamanlis]] who was elected President.*[[May 26]]: [[Kastoria FC|Kastoria]] win the [[Greek Soccer Cup]] after beating [[Iraklis FC|Iraklis]] 5-2 in [[Nea Philadelphia Stadium]] (Tsironis 3, [[Lakis Simaioforidis|Simaioforidis ]] and [[Yiannis Dintsikos|Dintsikos]]
*[[June 3]]: Unidentified bombers destroy mega-stores Klaoudatos and Athene in Athens.
*[[June 9]]: [[Archbishop Iakovos]] receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the highest honour that the US bestowes on a civilian - from President Jimmy Carter.
*[[June 11]]: [[National Football Team|Greece]] participate for the first time in the final phase of a major [[football (soccer)|football]] tournament. They lose 1-0 to Holland in their opening match of [[Euro 1980]], after East German referee Prokop inexplicably awards the Dutch a penalty when forward Naninga charges and injures Greek keeper [[Vasilis Konstantinou]].
*[[June 14]]: [[National Football Team|Greece]] lose to Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the finals of [[Euro 1980]]. [[Nikos Anastopoulos]] is the first Greek ever to score at a final tournament.
*[[June 17]]: [[National Football Team|Greece]] draw W. Germany 0-0 in the finals of [[Euro 1980]].
*[[July 7]]: Unidentified bombers destroy mega-stores Lampropoulos in [[Piraeus]] and Dragonas in Athens.
*[[July 9]]: A powerful earthquake (6.5 on the Richter scale) strikes [[Almyros]] and the [[Volos]] area, destroying more than 5,000 buildings.
*[[July 22]]: Wrestler [[Stelios Migiakis]] wins gold at the Olympic Games of Moscow.
*[[July 31]]: Turkish diplomat Galip Osman is assassinated along with his daughter in [[Pangrati]], [[Athens]].
*[[August 9]]: 13 people die in the heatwave that strikes Greece.
*[[September 14]]: The Greek Ministry of Education announces the abolition of entrance exams from Primary into Secondary schools.
*[[September 18]]: [[Kleanthis Ierissiotis]] breaks the Greek record in the [[Hammer throw]] with 73.00m.
*[[November 2]]: An unofficial Greek record is established in the match between [[Aris FC]] and [[OFI FC|OFI]] as the players of the two clubs hit the woodwork a total of 8 times!
*[[November 4]]: The five day work week is established
*[[December 19]]: Unidentified bombers destroy mega-stores Katrantzos and Mignon in [[Athens]].
*[[January 25]]: [[Stathis Tavlaridis]], footballer
*[[February 3]]: [[Giorgos Doupis]], athlete ([[400m]])
*[[February 9]]: [[Angelos Charisteas]], footballer
*[[February 29]]: [[Michalis Mouroutsos]], Tae Kwon Do athlete
*[[April 9]]: [[Luciano Galletti]], footballer
*[[May 6]]: [[Dimitris Diamantidis]], [[basketball]] player
*[[May 23]]: [[Theofanis Gekas]], footballer
*[[June 3]]: [[Lazaros Papadopoulos (basketball)|Lazaros Papadopoulos]] [[basketball]] player
*[[August 15]]: [[Michael Katsidis]], [[Greek-Australian]] boxer.
*[[August 26]]: [[Manolis Papamakarios]], [[basketball]] player
*[[November 29]]: [[Elias Kasidiaris]], [[Golden Dawn]] spokesman
*[[February 2]]: [[Giorgos Andrianopoulos]] football player and [[Piraeus]] mayor.
*[[February 8]]: [[Nikos Xylouris]], [[Crete|Cretan]] singer.
*[[February 12]]: [[Georgia Vasiliadou]], stage and screen actress
*[[February 24]]: [[Giorgos Andrianopoulos]] football player and [[Piraeus]] mayor.
*[[March 23]]: [[Alekos Livaditis]], actor.
*[[June 22]]: [[Mitsos Partsalidis]], communist politician
*[[August 28]]: [[Voula Palla]], singer.
*[[October 15]]: [[Apostolos Nikolaidis]], former athlete and president of [[SEGAS]] and [[Panathinaikos FC|Panathinaikos]].
*[[October 25]]: [[Nasos Botsis]], owner and publisher of [[Apogevmatini]] and [[Acropolis (newspaper)|Acropolis]] newspapers
*[[December 2]]: [[Roza Eskenazi]], [[rebetiko]] singer

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