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Agios Dometios

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'''Interesting sites'''
=== Agios Dometios checkpoint ===
The partial opening of the borders between the controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish occupied area in April [[April 2003|April 2003]] set up debate about opening some additional checkpoints both for cars and on foot along the Green Line. One of the areas selected was the end of Democratias avenue in Agios Dometios. Finally, an agreement was reached and in late April of 2004 both sides started separate works building a road and placing control buildings. On [[May 23]], [[2004]] the checkpoint was given to the public, and on the first day thousands of Cypriots, on both sides passed through the check point. Since then, Agios Dometios has become the main passing point for vehicles, with thousands of Cypriots passing through every day.
=== Green Line/Buffer Zone ===
The Turkish Invasion in 1974 separated the island in half. From east to west a [[United Nations]] Buffer Zone or Green Line as it is better known runs through the island. Agios Dometios is no exception. With 4/5 of the municipality under occupation, the town is cut in two. Visitors can walk along the Green Line and watch the municipality come to an instant halt where the occupied area starts.
=== Churches ===
=== Parks ===
Agios Dometios has four parks. The Missing in Action park, which is dedicated to the Agios Dometios residents that went missing during the Turkish Invasion and are still MIA and is located opposite the Coca Cola factory, the Agios Dometios park which is located near the checkpoint into the occupied area, the Agios Pavlos park which is near the Junior High and the newest built park which is dedicated to the National Guard, and is also near the Junior High.
== '''Education''' ==

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