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Phantis:Selected anniversaries/June 4

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*[[1878]]: [[Cyprus Convention]]: The Ottoman Empire ceded [[Cyprus]] to the United Kingdom but retained nominal title.
*[[1959]]: [[Greece]] rejected a Soviet note urging that no missile bases be established on Greek soil.
*[[1977]]: Greece released five British plane-spotters , imprisoned for spying; they were released , after 10 weeks in jail. ([ BBC])*[[1993]]: FYROM reject rejected Slobodan Milosevic's initiative to settle their dispute with [[Greece]] by being known as "Slavic Macedonia"*[[1993]]: [[Greece]] claimed that she lost $2.6 billion on account of the EU embargo against Yugoslavia. '''Births'''*[[470 BC]]: [[Socrates]], ancient philosopher*([[1929470 BC]]: ); [[Karolos Papoulias]], President of the Hellenic Republic*([[19811929]]: ); [[Giourkas Seitaridis]], football player([[1981]])'''*Deaths'''*: [[Dinos Eliopoulos]], actor ([[2001]]: ); [[Dinos EliopoulosSotiris Moustakas]], actor  ([[2007]])
<span style="font-size:11px; padding-top:3px; border-top:1px solid #dedede;">Recent days: [[June 3]] - [[June 2]]</span>

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