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Chrysopigi Devetzi

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'''Chrysopigi Devetzi''' ([[Greek language|Greek]] Χρυσοπηγή Δεβετζή}}), born [[January 2]], [[1976]]) is a [[Greeks|Greek]] [[Athletics (track and field)|athlete]] competing in the [[triple jump]] and also [[long jump]].
She won the triple jump silver medal at the [[Athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics|2004 Summer Olympics]] with a personal best of 15.32 metres. She won another silver medal at the [[2006 European Athletics Championships]] in Gothenburg.
|[[2002 European Athletics Championships|European Championships]]
|Munich, Germany
|align="center" | 7th
|[[2003 World Championships in Athletics|World Championships]]
|Paris, France
|align="center" | 8th

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