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Yiannis Diovouniotis

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[[Image:Diovouniotis.jpg|thumb|200px|Yiannis Diovouniotis ([[1757]]-[[1831]])]]
'''Yiannis Diovouniotis''' (Greek:''Γιάννης Δυοβουνιώτης'') ([[1757]]-[[1831]]) was a Greek commander who fought in the Greek [[War of Independence]] in the [[Central Greece]] (Rumeli) region.
His real name was Yiannis Xikis. He acquired the name Diovouniotis from his birthplace. He participated in the battles of [[Battle of Alamana|Alamana ]] (alongside [[Athanasios Diakos]]), at the [[Battle of the inn of Gravia |inn of Gravia]] (alongside [[Odysseus Androutsos]]) and at the [[Battle of Vasilika]].

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