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Giorgos Papandreou

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Party leadership
Greece is a country where dynastic politics have a long tradition, and it was widely expected that Papandreou would eventually succeed [[Costas Simitis]] as leader of PASOK and become Prime Minister himself. On [[January 7]], [[2004]] Simitis announced his resignation as leader of PASOK. On [[February 8]] Papandreou was elected unopposed as PASOK leader. PASOK hoped that electing Papandreou as leader would allow the party to regain the political initiative over the opposition [[New Democracy]] party and reverse its slide in the opinion polls. But when the [[Greek legislative election, 2004|parliamentary elections]] were held on [[March 7]] [[2004]], PASOK was defeated, and Papandreou conceded defeat.
Papandreou remains the party's current leaderafter his [[November 11]], [[2007]] landslide vitory against [[Evangelos Venizelos]] and [[Costas Skandalidis]].

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