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November 17

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*[[1936]]: The [[Battleship Georgios Averoff]] carries the remains of [[Queen Olga]], [[King Constantine I]] and [[Queen Sophie]] from Brindisi for reburial in [[Tatoi]], Greece.
*[[1968]]: [[Alekos Panagoulis]] is sentenced to death for his attempt to assassinate dictator [[George Papadopoulos]].
*[[1959]]: The [[Democratic Union of Cyprus]] is founded as an alternative to Archbishop [[Makarios III]].
*[[1973]]: Tanks tear down the gates of the Polytechnic Institute in [[Athens]] ending the student protests against the [[Junta|military government]] of Greece. 16 students die during the confrontation.
*[[1985]]: 15-year old Michalis Kaltezas is shot dead by Police officer Athanasios Melistas during rioting marking the 12th anniversary of the attack on the Athens Polytechnic Institute.

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