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Agapios Kaltaveridis

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New page: '''Agapios Kaltaveridis''' is a former Greek football defender of the 1980s - 1990s era. Kaltaveridis was born in Greece on January 1, 1962 but began his fo...
'''Agapios Kaltaveridis''' is a former [[Greeks|Greek]] football defender of the [[1980s]] - [[1990s]] era.

Kaltaveridis was born in [[Greece]] on [[January 1]], [[1962]] but began his football career at FC Aarau in Switzerland. In the Summer of [[1985]], he transferred to Lausanne Sports and two years later to Neuchatel Xamax.

In the summer of [[1988]], he was brought to Greece and [[Olympiakos FC|Olympiakos]] by [[George Koskotas]]. Kaltaveridis played in 18 games that season and the following year moved on to [[Ionikos FC|Ionikos]] where he played until [[1991]].

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