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'''Ghyka'''. Albanian family originating from Kiupru, Albania. From very humble beginnings a branch of the Ghyka family rose to prominence during the Ottoman empire period. It all began when [[Gheorghe Ghyka]] was found recognized by his childhood friend in [[Istanbul]] selling watermelons. His friend, who soon afterwards became a very prominent Vizier, helped Gheorghe to become in 1658, Prince of Moldavia and 1659 Prince of Wallachia. Gheorghe's descendents joined the Greek [[Phanariot]] ranks and were brought up under Greek influences as it was the rule of the day. Most of his children, grand children and great grand children married Greek Phanariotes.
Descendants from the Phanariot Ghyka family can be found in [[Greece]] and Romania. The Ghyka name is very common in Albania today.

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