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First siege of Mesolonghi

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After the [[Battle of Peta]] on [[July 4]], [[1822]], Ottoman forces, under [[Kutahye]] Pasha, marched south towards the Greek stronghold of [[Mesolonghi]] where [[Heads of Provisional Administration of Greece|President of the Executive]], [[Alexandros Mavrokordatos]], and Chief in Command, [[Markos Botsaris]] had sought refuge along with the remains of the army that had fought at [[Battle of Peta|Peta]].
On [[October 10]], forces under [[Omer Vrioni]] joined [[Kutahye]]'s troops. A united Ottoman army of some 7,000 men then marched on [[Mesolonghi]] arriving there on [[October 24]]. Meanwhile, a squadron of ships, under Yusuf Pasha, blockaded the city by sea.

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