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Anestos Delias

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Delias was born Anestis Delios in [[Smyrna]], [[Asia Minor]] in [[1912]]. He came to [[Greece]] in the aftermath of the [[Asia Minor disaster]] in [[1922]], having to support his family as his father was killed in the atrocities that followed the loss of [[Smyrna]].
Delias taught himself how to play musical instruments. By [[1930]], he was playing the [[bouzouki]] and the [[baglama]] in a tavern in [[Drapetsona]]. There, he met up with [[Markos Vamvakaris]], [[Stratos Pagioumtzis]] and other [[rebetiko]] musicians. In [[1934]], he joined the [[Legendary Quartet of Piraeus]] - the first [[rebetiko]] musical group.
Delias died of a heroin overdose in [[1944]].

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