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Athens Stock Exchange

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The '''Athens Stock Exchange''' or '''ASE''' ([[Greek Language|Greek]]: ''Χρηματιστήριο Αξιών Αθηνών'' or ''ΧΑΑ'') is a stock exchange located in [[Athens]], [[Greece]].
The Athens Stock Exchange was first opened in [[1876]]. Originally, it shared facilities with the Central Post Office in Athens. From [[1881]] until [[1885]], it was located at the corner of [[Aiolou Street|Aiolou]] and [[Sofokleous Street]]s. In [[1885]], it moved to 11 Sofocleous, where it stayed until October [[1891]]. On [[November 1]] of that year, it relocated to 1 Pesmatzoglou Street. By [[1923]], it outgrew those facilities and a move to a new building was decided on. On [[December 19]], [[1934]], it officially moved to [[Psiri]]in a building originally used as a flee and live stock market, at 10 [[Sofokleous Street|Sofocleous Street]], near the city centre of Athens. For this reason the Athens Stock Exchange is also called "Sofokleous".The Athens Stock Exchange is a subsidiary of Hellenic Exchanges S.A., whose shares are listed in ATHEX. In [[August]] [[1999]], the derivatives market started trading, and in [[2002]] the Athens Stock Exchange and the Athens Derivatives Exchange merged to form the Athens Stock Exchange. As of [[July 2]], [[2007]], it is located in its new headquarters, designed by Babis Vovos Constructions, at the corner of [[Athinon Avenue]] (also called Kavalas Street) and Chrimatistiriou Street in [[Votanikos]].
In July [[2007]] the [[Greek parliament]] made the appropriate agreement that will allow ASE (Athens Stock Exchange) to enter the European stock exchange market, and join the benefits of other major stock exchanges of the European union.

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