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By 1821, the city had a population of 20,000, mostly Greeks but also with large Turkish and Jewish communities.
Tripolis was the first major city to be taken by the Greeks in their [[War of Independence]] against the Ottoman Empire. It had been besieged for 5 months by [[Theodoros Kolokotronis]], his nephew [[Nikitas Stamatelopoulos]] (better known as "[[Nikitaras]]"), [[Dimitrios Ypsilantis]], [[Dimitris Plapoutas]], [[Anagnostaras ]] and other Greek revolutionaries. Finally, on [[September 23]], [[1821]] the Greeks broke through the Turkish defences and a slaughter ensued. (See [[Siege of Tripolis]]).
In [[1825]] [[Ibrahim pasha]] retook the city and burned it to the ground but the Greeks rebuilt it in [[1828]].

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