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Loukas Louka (footballer)

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Update of his career
'''Loukas Louka''' (born [[April 17]], [[1978]] in [[Larnaca]], [[Cyprus]]) is a retired [[Cyprus|Cypriot]] [[football (soccer)|football]] defender who currently plays for [[Alki Larnaca FC|Alki]]player.
He has also played for [[Anorthosis Famagusta FC|Anorthosis]] [[Famagusta]] ([[1997]]-[[2002]]), in [[Greece]] for [[Ethnikos Asteras FC|Ethnikos Asteras]] ([[2002]]-[[2003]]) and again for Anorthosis ([[2003]]-[[2008]]), [[Alki Larnaca FC|Alki]] ([[2008]]-[[2009]] and [[AEK Larnaca FC|AEK Larnaca]] ([[2009]]-[[2011]]).  He was capped 22 times for the [[Cyprus National Football Team]].
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