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[[Kallithea]] ([[Greek language|Greek]]: Καλλιθέα [ map], meaning "good view") is the 8th biggest municipality in [[Greece]] (110,187 inhabitants, 2001 census) and the 4th biggest in Greater Athens (following [[Athens]] itself, [[Piraeus]] and [[Peristeri]]). The centre of Kallithea (Davaki Square) lies at a distance of 3 km to the south of the Athens city centre (Syntagma Square) and 3 km to the north-east of the Piraeus city centre (Korai Square) (photo 1). Kallithea extends from Filopappou and Sikelia hills in the north to the [[Phaleron Bay]] in the south. Its two other sides consist of Syngrou Avenue to the east (border to the towns of [[Nea Smyrni]] and Palaio [[Palaio Faliro]]) and Ilisos river to the west (border to the towns of [[Tavros]] and [[Moschato]]) (photo 2).
The site on which the city was developed covers the biggest part of the area to the south of Athens, protected in the ancient times (5th century BC) by the Long Walls to the west and the Phaleron Wall to the east (photo 3). Somewhere within this area the ancient town of Xypete existed. This town and its citizens are mentioned amongst elsewhere in [[Plato]]'s Dialogues.
==The 1896 and 2004 Athens Olympics==

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