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In the 1990s, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a new wave of Greek immigrants arrived in Kallithea from the east coast of the Black Sea, from the Caucasus highlands in Georgia as well as from distant settlements in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan where their Black Sea Greek ancestors were expelled during Stalin's regime in the 1930s.
Until 2004 south Kallithea (Tzitzifies) housed the only horse track in Greece (Ippodromos - Hippodrome) which moved to Markopoulon near the [[Eleftherios Venizelos Airport]]. The same area of the city (Tzitzifies) is associated with the development of greek folk music ([[Rebetiko]] and later [[Laiko]]). Popular composers and singers used to perform there ([[Markos Vamvakaris]], [[Vassilis Tsitsanis]], [[Yiannis Papaioannou (rebetikorebetika)|Yiannis Papaioannou]], [[Marika Ninou]], [[Sotiria Bellou]], [[Manolis Chiotis]], [[Mary Linda]], [[Giorgos Zambetas]], [[Stelios Kazantzidis]], [[Marinella]], [[Poly Panou]], [[Viki Moscholiou]], etc.)
Kallithea houses two universities (Harokopion and Panteion), numerous cultural associations and several sport clubs, the most well known among which are [[Kallithea FC]] (soccer) and [[Esperos]] (basketball, volleyball, handball, tabletennis as well as soccer in the past).

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