Spyros Peristeris

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Spyros Peristeris was a Greek rebetiko composer, lyricist and singer.

Peristeris was born in Smyrna in 1900. Around 1918, he took over "The Politakia" - a Smyrna ensemble founded by Sideras.

Peristeris came to Greece in 1924, after the Asia Minor disaster, settling in Athens. He started his recording career in 1934. The multi-talented Peristeris also wrote some of the best known rebetika songs such as "Ο Αντώνης ο βαρκάρης ο σερέτης", "Η Μαρία η Μανταλένα", "Το μινόρε της Αυγής" and played the bouzouki in many of Markos Vamvakaris' recordings.

Peristeris died in April 1966 in Athens.