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Trond Sollied (born 29 April 1959 in Mo i Rana) is a Norwegian football manager, recently sacked from Olympiakos.

In his career as a football player in Norway he played for Mo I.L., Vålerenga, Rosenborg and Bodø/Glimt. He has been a coach for Bodø/Glimt, Rosenborg B.K., K.A.A. Gent and Club Brugge. He has 15 caps for Norway (1 goal). He is a media-friendly manager, also famous for his notebook where he keeps notes during matches. He is known for sitting calmly on the bench leaving his assistants pass his instructions to the players.

His favorite formation is 4-3-3 that he never changes under almost any circumstances. He uses a zonal 4-man defence, a holding midfielder behind two centre midfielders, two wingers left and right and finally a powerful striker. He loves and adopts attacking football in all of his teams.


Sollied started his carrier as a manager in 1992 at Bodø/Glimt where he was Player/Manager in the Norwegian 1st division. Sollied and Bodø/Glimt won the League and they where promoted to the Norwegian Premier League.

In 1993 Bodø/Glimt went straight to second place in the Norwegian Premier League and they won the Norwegian Cup.

After the 1993 season, Sollied retired as player and went on as Manager. With Sollied in charge, Bodø/Glimt became third in the top division in 1995, losing the cup final against Tromsø I.L. in 1996.

Trond Sollied was dismissed from Bodø/Glimt after a disagreement with the players and the club board. Sollied went on to Rosenborg B.K. where he served as the assistant manager under legendary coach Nils Arne Eggen in the 1997 season, that year Rosenborg won the Championship.

Eggen took a year off, and Sollied coached Rosenborg during the 1998 season. With Trond Sollied in charge, Rosenborg  – once again – won the League and qualified for the UEFA Champions League. The same year his team won the Fotball Scandinavian Masters.

In 1999 Sollied wanted a new challenge and therefore left the Norwegian League to try his luck in the Belgian League. His first team there was KAA Gent. In 2000 he was offered a job at Club Brugge and stayed there until 2005. In six seasons Sollied won everything, 2 Championships (2003 & 2004), 2 Cups (2002 & 2004) and 2 Super Cups (2002 & 2004).

After the Norwegian national coach Nils Johan Semb retired in 2003, Sollied was mentioned as a replacement, but Sollied stated that he was only interested if he could combine the National team with his current position as manager at Club Brugge. This was not acceptable by the Norwegian Football Association and Åge Hareide, coach for Rosenborg B.K. at that time, became the new manager for Norway.

In 2005, one year before the end of his contract with Club Brugge, a video message was leaked to the Belgian press, in which Sollied stated that he left Club Brugge for Olympiakos. Sollied disputed that this video was released without his permission. It was only meant to be published after he had signed a contract, which was not yet the case according to him. In Belgium, this affair was seen as a trick to force Club Brugge to suspend his contract, so Olympiakos would not have to pay a large sum to Club Brugge. In a press release, Club Brugge stated that they had taken note of Sollied's decision to suspend his contract. The affair will probably be brought to a Belgian labor court, which will have to judge whether it was Sollied who suspended the contract by the message, or it was Club Brugge who fired him.

Trond Sollied was officially presented by Olympiakos chairman Socrates Kokkalis as the club's new manager in which he won the league title in his debut season and he also won the greek cup. He was ranked ranked ninth in Europe on UEFA's list of top coaches in 2006 [1].

In December 2006, after two disappointing Champions League seasons with Olympiakos finishing 4th at group stage on both occasions, chairman Socrates Kokkalis decided to sack Trond Sollied from his position as manager, despite the club being at the top of the table of Greek Alpha Ethniki. Former SKODA Xanthi FC manager, Takis Lemonis, was his replacement, returning to the club after 4 years.


  • 1 Norwegian 1st Division Championship: 1992
  • 1 Norwegian Cup: 1993
  • 2 Norwegian Premier League Championships: 1997, 1998
  • 1 Scandinavian Masters: 1998
  • 2 Belgian Cups: 2002, 2004
  • 2 Belgian Super Cups: 2002, 2004
  • 2 Belgian Championships: 2003, 2004
  • 2 Greek Championship: 2005-2006
  • 1 Greek Cup: 2005-2006

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[1] Sollied in European elite

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