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Events and trends

The decade started with the Junta of Col. George Papadopoulos firmly in power in Greece and Archbishop Makarios III firmly in power in Cyprus. Both would fall in coup d'etats: the former on November 25, 1973; the latter on July 15, 1974. The July 1974 coup against Makarios gave Turkey an excuse to invade the island later that week, on July 20. The invasion led to the collapse of the dictatorship of Brig. Gen. Dimitrios Ioannidis - tha man who had ousted Papadopoulos - and the restoration of democracy to Greece. In the field of sports, Panathinaikos became the only Greek club to make it to the final of a major European tournament, the Champions' Cup, in 1971.

Culture, religion


Sports figures


Track and Field