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  • February 2: Greek academics and members of the Hellenic Olympic Committee sent a letter to put forward two Greek islanders from Lesvos (85 year-old Emilia Kamvysi and 40-year old fisherman Stratis Valiamos) and one American actress and activist (Susan Sarandon) as candidates for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, lauding their work to help alleviate the hardships of refugees reaching Greece's shores on their way to Europe. Because the Nobel Peace Prize must go to an individual or organization, the experts chose three individuals as representatives of the wider volunteer effort.
  • February 4: Greece's largest private and public sector unions (GSEE and ADEDY) stage a general strike to protest against the government's planned pension reforms.
  • February 7: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras begins two-day visit to Iran promoting a framework of cooperation between Greece and Iran.
  • February 8: Values on the Athens Stock Market drop 7.87%.
  • February 8: 27 migrants died off the Turkish coast trying to reach the Greek island of Lesbos.
  • February 11: A Super Puma helicopter of the Hellenic Navy crashes on the island of Kinaros, killing its three-member crew.
  • February 13: 17-year old Emmanouil Karalis breaks the junior World indoor pole vault record with a jump of 5.53m.