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AEK - the team crest

A group of refugees that came to Athens in 1922 had a great desire to keep their home-land tradition going by creating sometime during the month of April 1924 the Athlitiki Enosi Konstantinoupoleos (AEK) soccer club. This was not the rebirth of one of the clubs that used to be in Constantinople but a brand new team. The reason that this team was formed was to keep tradition going, as well as to keep all the Constantinople refugees united.

This new club created by these refugees not only grew strong roots and followers from Constantinople but throughout Greece as well. Since its inception the club has always been a contender in the Greek soccer championship. The individuals responsible for creating AEK were Aimilios and Menelaos Ionas, and Kostas Dimopoulos who had sports stores in Athens. It was in these stores that young people from Constantinople used to gather and throw out ideas of creating a soccer club.

One night the Ioanas brothers, Kostas Dimopoulos, Miltos Ieremiadis, Timoleon Tagaris, Menelaos Karotseris, Paulos Kehagias, and Kostas Spanoudis (a man that worshipped sports) took the decision to create a soccer club. The name was to be Athlitiki Enosis Konstantinoupoleos, it's crest was to be the Byzantine "Two-Headed Eagle", and the colors of the team yellow and black.

The first board of directors was compromised by Kostas Spanoudis (President), Nikos Eleonopoulos (Vice President), Kostas Dimopoulos (General Secretary), Timoleon Tagaris (Treasurer), and Menelaos Karotseris and Miltos Ieremiadis (board members). These were the beginning stages for the soon to be club that would unite all the Greeks from Constantinople from all parts of the country.

The first team consisted from Kitsos, M. Ieremiadis, Asderis, Kehagias, Paraskevas, Dimopoulos, Karagiannidis, Mpaltas, Milas, Iliadis, and Georgiadis. One of the first hurdles that AEK encountered was the absence of a soccer pitch. In the first days of the club the players used to have practice at the grounds of the Zeus Temple but later they were invited to use the Panathinaikos stadium.

In November 1924, AEK played it's first game against the united team of Piraeus and won 3-2. This was the first win which was followed by the Athens championships in 1925, and 1926. In 1927 AEK came second.

The Anthem

The official anthem was writen by Stelios Kazantzidis and performed by Mimis Papaioannou.The latest anthem was written by Lefteris Papadopoulos (a famous Greek composer and an AEK fanatic), music by Christos Nikolopoulos and performed by Yannis Frangoulis. The new anthem was broadcasted for the first time on the 2nd of August 1995.

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