Agrarian Party

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Agrarian Party (Greek Αγροτικό Kόμμα), is a label under which several political parties have gone under and have taken part in Greek elections at various times.

The original Agrarian Party was founded after the Asia Minor disaster of 1922 by Spyros Hasiotis. It took part in the general elections of 1923 and elected four MPs to the Hellenic Parliament.

In 1930, a different Agrarian Party was formed by Ioannis Sofianopoulos. This party polled 6.17% of the vote in the elections of 1932, electing 11 MPs.

In 1934, the party was split with Alexandros Mylonas leading away some supporters to form the Agrarian Democratic Party.

In 1936, the Agrarian Party elected one MP. That same year the dictatorship of Gen Ioannis Metaxas outlawed all political parties.