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Andreas Karantonis

Andreas Karantonis was a Greek poet, writer, translator and critic of the 20th century.

Karantonis was born on the island of Andros in 1910. He moved with his family to Athens in 1923. He studied Law at the University of Athens but abandoned his studies without graduating. Instead, he dedicated his life to writing.

Between 1927 and 1929, Karantonis published poetry. In the years that followed he authored three books which were critical studies on well-known poets: "Introduction to Palamas' works" (1929), "The poet G. Seferis" (1931) and "Around Palamas" (1932). He was a member of the "Generation of 1930".

In 1935, Karantonis became the editor of the literary magazine "New Letters". At this time he translated of the works of many foreign authors which were collectively published later on in 1982. After World War II, he wrote articles for various Greek dailies and served as literary critic on radio programs until 1974.

He died in Athens on June 28, 1982.