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Angelos Terzakis was a Greek author who belonged to the "Generation of 1930".

Terzakis was born in Nafplio on February 16, 1907. His family moved to Athens where he finished secondary school and studied Law at the University of Athens.

Terzakis started writing in 1925. His first work was a series of short stories entitled "Ο ξεχασμένος" (The forgotten one). In 1936 he wrote the play "Αυτοκράτωρ Μιχαήλ" (Emperor Michael) which was played in the National Theatre that same year.

Terzakis fought in World War II and wrote about his experience in the front in his work "Απρίλης" (April). In 1964, he contributed, along with others, to the Greek Army's war chronicles "Ελληνική Εποποιΐα 1940-41" (Greek epic of 1940-41).

After the war Terzakis continued to write novels, short stories and theatrical plays. He also contributed, as a columnist, to the Greek daily "To Vima" as a literary critic.

For his works, he was awarded in 1969 with the Prize for Literary Excellence. In 1974, he became a member of the Academy of Athens.

Terzakis died on August 3, 1979 in Athens.

His Works


  • Prisoners (Δεσμώτες, 1932)
  • The Decay of the Tough Ones (Η παρακμή των Σκληρών, 1933)
  • The Purple City (Η Μενεξεδένια Πολιτεία, 1937)
  • Princess Isambo (Η πριγκηπέσσα Ιζαμπώ, 1945)
  • Journey with Esperus (Ταξίδι με τον Έσπερο, 1946)
  • The Twilight of Men (Το λυκόφως των ανθρώπων, 1947)
  • Without God (Δίχως Θεό, 1951)
  • The Secret Life (Η μυστική ζωή, 1957)
  • The Novel of the Four (Το Μυθιστόρημα των Τεσσάρων, 1958) (written together with Karagatsis, Stratis Myrivilis and Elias Venezis)

Short story collections

  • The Forgotten (Ο ξεχασμένος, 1925)
  • Autumn Symphony (Φθινοπωρινή συμφωνία, 1929)
  • Of Love and of Death (Του έρωτα και του θανάτου, 1943)
  • April (Απρίλης, 1946)
  • Affection (Η στοργή, 1944)

Historical works

  • The Greek Epic of 1940-41, chronicles of the Greco-Italian War (Η Ελληνική Εποποιΐα 1940-1941, Χρονικό του Ελληνοϊταλικού Πολέμου 1940-41, 1964)


  • Emperor Michael (Αυτοκράτωρ Μιχαήλ, 1936)
  • Wedding March (Γαμήλιο Εμβατήριο, 1937)
  • The Cross and the Sword (Ο σταυρός και το σπαθί, 1939)
  • Helots (Είλωτες, 1939)
  • The Authoritarian (Ο εξουσιαστής, 1942)
  • The Great Game (Το μεγάλο παιχνίδι, 1944)
  • Pure (Αγνή, 1949)
  • Theofano (Θεοφανώ, 1956)
  • Night in the Mediterranean (Νύχτα στη Μεσόγειο, 1957)
  • The Ranson of Happiness (Τα λύτρα της ευτυχίας, 1959)
  • Thomas the Two-Souled One (Θωμάς ο δίψυχος, 1962)
  • The Ancestor (Ο πρόγονος, 1970)