Antonis Travlantonis

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Antonis Travlantonis was a Greek writer of the late 19th - early 20th Century.

Travlantonis was born Antonis Chrysikopoulos in Messolonghi, Central Greece in 1867. He studied philosophy at the University of Athens and served as an officer in the Greek Army.

Travlantonis became a school teacher, his career briefly interrupted by the Greco-Turkish War (1897). His writing occurred over a period of 40 years and included works such as "Διηγήματα" (Narrations), "Κρουσταλλένια" (Crystal), "Ηλιοστάλαχτη" (Sun-dripped), "Απολογία μισανθρώπου" (The apology of a misanthrope), "Λεηλασία μιας ζωής" (Plunder of a life), "Διετής θητεία" (Two-year service) etc.

Travlantonis died in Athens, on January 17 - his name day - of 1943.