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Athienou (Greek Αθηένου) is a town on the island of Cyprus. It is located in the Larnaca province. It is one of only three towns located within the United Nations Buffer Zone, the other two being Troulloi and Pyla. Today Athienou has a population of around 5000 people and is home to Davidson College's Athienou Archaeological Project.

Origin of the name

It is commonly believed, that the name of the village Athienou, derived from the ancient Greek word, "Atta" (Greek: Αττα) or "Atha" (Greek: Αθθα), meaning large rock, which characterized the rocky land of the village.

Others say that the name was given by a group of Athenian settlers.

Still others claim that the name is derived from a Luzinian called Etienne, who lived in the area. The people who went to his house said they were going to "Etienne's Place" (Greek: "Στου Ετιένου", stou etiennou), and in later years that changed into Athienou.[1]

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