Battle of Sarantaporo

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The Battle of Sarantaporos was fought during the First Balkan War between Greece and Turkey.

Turkish forces - two divisions under General Tahsin Pasha - had taken defensive positions at the Sarantaporos River near Lazarades. Superior Greek forces - 5 infantry divisions, 1 cavalry brigade plus other units - attacked the defenders on October 9, 1912, in the first major battle of the conflict for the Greek side. The Turks fought bravely and held off the Greeks' frontal assault, however they were forced to retreat as the Greek 4th Division outflanked them and threatened to surround their positions. On October 10, the Greek forces advanced upon the vacated defensive positions and captured artillery pieces, weaponry, ammunition and other items left behind in the Turkish retreat.

The battle was of great significance as it

  • Raised the morale of the Greek troops erasing painful memories of the war of 1897.
  • Opened the way for the Greek army to liberate western and central Macedonia.