Bullets don't come back

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Bullets don't come back (Greek Οι σφαίρες δεν γυρίζουν πίσω) was a Greek Western-like film released in 1967. It premiered on October 9, 1967.


Peasant Stathis Karatasos is mistaken by the police for a bandit and is sent to prison. He escapes and ends up being chased by the police, the real bandits - who believe he has their loot - and a prisoner named Tsakos who has been promised his freedom should he capture Karatasos.

Tsakos catches up with Karatasos but ends up defending his family from the bandits who have caught up with the men. After defeating the bandits, Tsakos plans to surrender himself to the authorities, covering up for Karatasos so he can live in peace.

Karatasos' sister promises she will wait for him when he is released.