Dimitris Papanikolis

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Dimitris Papanikolis was a Greek hero of the War of Independence.

Papanikolis was born on the island of Psara in 1790. On May 27, 1821, he sailed into the harbour of Eressos, Lesbos, and set fire to a Turkish war ship that was heading for Peloponnesus to help quell the Greek revolution.

Papanikolis also fought various naval battles, such as the battle of Gerontas, and took part in several acts of sabotage against the Ottoman fleet.

After the war, Papanikolis was elected in 1843, to the First National Assembly and served as judge in the Military Naval Court.

He died in Athens in 1855. In his honour, the Greek state named a submarine purchased in 1926 the "RHS Papanikolis".