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Elias Kasidiaris

Elias Panagiotou Kasidiaris is a Greek far-right politician, formerly chief spokesman of the Golden Dawn party and founder of the National Party - Hellenes.

Early life

Kasidiaris was born in Piraeus on November 29, 1980. His family hails from Dimaristika, Mani.

Kasidiaris studied at the Agricultural University of Athens and also attended dance school. He served his national service as a member of the Special Forces in Cyprus.

Political career

He joined Golden Dawn and served on their political council as the chief spokesman of the party. Kasidiaris was elected to the Hellenic Parliament in the elections of May 2012.

Trouble with the law

In 2007, Kasidiaris was accused, as an accomplice, in an attack on a university professor. Five unknown assailants attacked the professor with clubs and a knife and robbed him of his identity card. The culprits then escaped in a car which was registered to Kasidiaris. Kasidiaris was not convicted due to doubts.

In June 2012, Kasidiaris, after a heated verbal exchange with SYRIZA candidate Rena Dourou and KKE candidate Liana Kanelli, threw a glassful of water at the former and slapped the latter on public TV. A warrant for his immediate arrest which issued but Kasidiaris hid until the warrant expired.

In September 2013, Kasidiaris was arrested, along with the rest of the Golden Dawn leadership, as the Greek Ministry of Justice decided to crack down on that organisation after the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas. He was sentenced, on October 14, 2020 to thirteen years imprisonment.

He has since founded the National Party - Hellenes which has been banned, by law, of contesting the national elections.