Emmanouil Pappas

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Emmanouil Pappas was a merchant and banker who took part in the Greek War of Independence.

Pappas was born in 1772 in Dovitsa, Serres, Macedonia which today bears his name. He was the son of a priest.

Despite his lack of schooling, Pappas became a successful merchant in Serres and even expanded his business to Vienna and Constantinople. He was initiated into the Friendly Society which was planning liberate all Greek lands from Ottoman yoke. When the War of Independence was declared on March 25, 1821, Pappas organised an army of 4,000 fighters in Macedonia at his own expense. Despite his efforts, his army was first limited to the peninsulas of Chalkidiki and then defeated. Pappas planned to flee to Hydra to continue the struggle however, he died en route as the result of a heart attack.

He was buried with honours on December 5, 1821, in Hydra.