Erik Mykland

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Erik Mykland playing for Panathinaikos
Erik Mykland playing for Panathinaikos

Erik "Myggen" Mykland ("the Mosquito") (born July 21, 1971 in Risør) is a former Norwegian footballer.

During his career Mykland played for Risør, Bryne, Start, Utrecht (loan), Linz, Panathinaikos FC, 1860 München and FC København.

Mykland was a very technical player, he has 78 caps and 2 goals on the Norwegian national team. He played in World Cup 1994 and World Cup 1998 and Euro 2000.

Mykland also was a controversial footballer. During the 1998 World Cup he and Henning Berg was caught in a bar drinking. They claimed that they only had drunk a few beers, but Henning Berg later admitted in his biography that they actually were drunk. There were also a incident during his time in FC København where he was found drunk on the pavement asking people walking by to arm wrestle. He was also criticized for his occasional smoking.

He used to flap his arms and hands like a bird (or a mosquito) when he celebrated his goals.