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The Greek Football B Division or Beta Ethniki, is the division below the top-flight Football A Division or Alpha Ethniki or Super League. The top clubs of the Football B Division participate in the Alpha Ethniki in the following year. Similarly, the Alpha Ethniki's bottom clubs are relegated to the Football B Division. The number of teams going up has varied over the years. Currently the format calls for three teams to be relegated from the top league, to be replaced by the top three teams from Beta Ethniki with no playoffs involved.


At one time there were as many as 64 clubs, divided into 4 groups in the Beta Ethniki. Finishing atop of a 16-team group did not mean automatic promotion into the Alpha Ethniki as the 4 champion clubs then had to play a series of home and away games against each other. Over the years, the number of clubs has diminished and the standard of play in this league has vastly improved. Attendances for Beta Ethniki games usually are higher than those of the bottom clubs of the Alpha Ethniki. In 2010, the B Division was named Football League.

Second division - Super League 2 2020-2021

  1. Apollon Larisa
  2. Doxa Drama
  3. Diagoras Rhodos
  4. Ergotelis
  5. Ierapetra
  6. Ionikos
  7. AE Karaiskaki
  8. Kissamikos FC
  9. Levadiakos
  10. Panachaiki
  11. Trikala
  12. Xanthi