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The Freethinkers' Party (Greek Κόμμα Ελευθεροφρόνων), was a right-wing, monarchist political party formed in Greece by Gen. Ioannis Metaxas.

General Metaxas - an anti-Venizelist - broke with the leadership of the Popular Party, after the elections of November 1920, on the issue of the continuation of the Asia Minor expedition. While the Popular Party favoured the continued involvement of Greece, Metaxas insisted that their campaign pledges to "bring the boys home" be adhered to. When he found no joy, he proceeded to create the beginnings of a right-wing, anti-war party which was nicknamed in Athens daily "Esperini" the Freethinkers' Party. The nickname caught on and, in November 1922, the party's creation was officially announced.

The Freethinkers' Party ceased to exist after Metaxas came to power in 1936 and abolished parliamentary democracy on August 4 of that year.

The Freethikers Party participated in the following general elections:

  • 1926 - 15.76% of the vote, 54 seats in Parliament.
  • 1928 - 5.30% of the vote, 1 seat in Parliament.
  • 1932 - 1.59% of the vote, 3 seats in Parliament.
  • 1933 - 2.26% of the vote, 3 seats in Parliament.
  • 1936 - 3.94 of the vote, 7 seats in Parliament.