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Nicknamed the "Gianni Rivera of Greece" - though appearance-wise he was closer to George Best - Giorgos Delikaris was without a doubt one of the best football players Greece has ever produced.

Delikaris was born in 1951 and began his career with local club Argonautis Piraeus FC before he joined Olympiakos in 1970. The 19-year old forward instantly became a regular and a star. In 1973 he switched to the midfield supporting one of the greatest attacking lines Olympiakos ever had (Yves Triantafillos, Pamboulis, Julio Losada, Michalis Kritikopoulos, etc.).

Then, after the 1978 season, the popular Delikaris shocked Olympiakos' fans by switching allegiance to their archrivals Panathinaikos. He played three seasons for the greens before retiring in 1982, aged barely 31.

During his career Delikaris was capped 32 times by the National Football Team of Greece scoring 7 goals.

In 2006, in a vote to mark UEFA's jubilee, a vote was held for the greatest player of each football association. Delikaris placed 4th on the all-time list ahead of such superstars as Giorgos Koudas, Kostas Nestoridis, Thomas Mavros and Giorgos Sideris.

Delikaris currently runs a tavern in Hatzikyriakio, Piraeus - the very neighbourhood where he first began to play football with Argonautis.