Gogo Atzoletaki

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Gogo Atzoletaki on the cover of Romantso magazine

Gogo Atzoletaki (Greek Γωγώ Ατζολετάκη) is a Greek winner of the 1971 Greek beauty pageant as well as an actress, radio presenter and author.

Atzoletaki was born on December 23, 1953, in Sitia, Crete. Her father was a school principal and, as such, was transferred first to Rethymno and later to Athens.

Atzoletaki won the title of Miss Star Hellas in 1971 while still a high school student. She went on to study acting in Drama school and made her debut in the cinema in 1973.

In the years to come, she acted on screen, on stage and on television. In the 1980s she produced several radio programs while writing for Athens dailies Evdomi and Acropolis.

She has since become an author and novelist.